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Owner Tracy Weirick, along with our staff of top professionals and specialists, are dedicated to delivering exceptional products, office systems and streamlines solutions to our clients. Copy R’s professionals can also help you with your electronic document management needs and assess the needs of your current printer fleet.

Copy R specializes in small to mid-size businesses and is certified by the Los Angeles County Small Business Enterprise.

Enhance Your Business With Efficiency, Value and Expertise

As trusted experts in office equipment, we partner you with the best possible options considering numerous factors such as the size of your company, the amount of paper your company uses and any compliance requirements that may be specific to your industry.

We also take the time to analyze your business’ workflows as we realize the type of documents that your company utilizes may not be the same as the business next door.

Technology Partners

Simplified Operations
All-In-One Performance
Built To Last

Enhanced Usability
Superior High-End Image Quality
Mobile Compatible

Copy R has been in the printer and copier business since the first copiers came to market. Way back in 1965, copiers took up entire rooms and computed at a sloth-like pace. 50 years later, these machines have lightning-fast computing and processing power. We’ve done the hard work for you and weeded through thousands of office products. We’ve chosen our partners wisely because they can insure the best quality products and versatile solutions for your office environment.

The industry leader Kyocera has provided us quality products since the late 1980s. They have been ranked “Most Reliable Product Line” and technicians swear by the machines. As technology and office environments have evolved it was essential to choose other partners who mirrored this evolution. We found that in Ricoh. They have been able to provide us with software and solutions unique to their company and as we have become more environmentally conscious over the years.

Support – Peace of Mind

When we sell or lease printers and copiers to our clients, we aren’t just selling machines; we are bringing streamlined solutions to our customers. We offer expert technical service and online support. We have honed our expertise in this field with decade after decade of services to small and large business throughout the Los Angeles area. This experience has taught us that no two businesses are exactly alike and that no two businesses have identical needs. That is why we assign an account manager to every one of our customers so that their experience with Copy R can be crafted specifically to their needs.

Ongoing service and support are critical to your copier’s performance. Because the copier is so essential to the business environment, the service agreement is an added convenience in handling break-fix issues, breakdowns, toner usage and preventive maintenance issues.

When you purchase or lease hardware from Copy R, we include F/M Audit Software at no additional cost to collect usage data from the device itself. This tool saves both time and money associated with collecting the meters from your networked devices.